Certificate in Biblical Studies

Certificate in Biblical Studies

Program Syllabus – Certificate in Biblical Studies

  Course Name/Description Credits
NT502 New Testament 1 – Gospels and Acts
This course presents critical and introductory issues in the scholarship of the Gospels and Acts. The issues will be such topics as: the synoptic problem, seeming contradictions between the gospels, an introduction to the historical Jesus conversation, and historical considerations in the book of Acts. This class will divide itself into three sections: first, the background of second-temple Judaism before the birth of Christ, second, the Gospels and particular exegetical issues inherent in gospel scholarship, including the life of Jesus; third, the book of Acts and introductory/historical issues that are particular to this important book of Church History.
NT504 New Testament 2 – Epistles and Revelation
This course will present critical and introductory issues in the New Testament epistles. The issues will include such topics as authorship, normative vs. cultural understanding of commands contained in the epistles, the authorship of disputed epistles, and the life and work of the apostle Paul. These issues will be in addition to the typical introduction and overview of the books from Romans to Revelation.
ST506 Systematic Theology 1 – God and Creation
In this course the students will examine the character of God, the creation, and the nature of humanity. The students will be introduced to pertinent biblical texts and themes, theological terms, key figures, and the importance of culture and history in framing various debates. As the first of three courses in systematic theology, particular attention will be given to theological method and the nature of theology as biblical reasoning within God’s economy of grace.
OT602 Old Testament Survey 1
This course is the first of two classes that constitute a survey of the Old Testament canon. Beginning with the creation account in Genesis, this class traces the redemptive-historical development through to the end of King David’s reign. The emphasis is on the narrative of the Bible story as presented through sacred history.
OT604 Old Testament Survey 2
This course completes the survey of the Old Testament canon and the conclusion of the redemptive-historical story up to the time of Christ. Much attention will be given to Hebrew Psalmody and wisdom literature as well as the prophetic oracles that established the contours of the history of Israel.
Electives Biblical Studies 3
Total Hours 18 Credits



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