Certificate in Biblical Languages

Certificate in Biblical Languages

The Certificate in Biblical Languages is designed to ground students in responsible exegetical and hermeneutical engagement with the Christian scriptures. The goal of this certificate is to provide students these critically important skills for a lifetime of effective biblical study. We offer residential and/or online instruction in the biblical languages.

Program Syllabus – Certificate in Biblical Languages

  Course Name/Description Credits
New Testament Greek 1
This introductory course presents the basic grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of New Testament Greek as well as a rationale for studying the language. Greek 1 and 2 should always be taken in the same academic year.
New Testament Greek 2
This second Greek course concludes the instruction in basic grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of New Testament Greek. At the end of this course the student will be able to read easier portions of the New Testament (I John, portions of Mark and John). 
Old Testament Hebrew 1
This course introduces the students to the basic elements of Hebrew.
Old Testament Hebrew 2
This course completes basic Hebrew grammar and vocabulary, enabling students to work with the Hebrew language. 
Biblical Hermeneutics
This course is designed to introduce the student to the history and principles of interpretation as defined by the Protestant Reformed tradition. A survey of the people and events that have shaped the discipline will be followed by the rules of interpretation. Finally, the student will attempt to master the methodology of biblical interpretation by exegeting passages in the Greek New Testament and the Hebrew Old Testament.
Electives  3
Total Hours 18 Credits

Course Methodology

The requirements of this certificate will be made available entirely online. The sequence of courses is flexible; however, students are encouraged to begin with mastering the biblical languages prior to hermeneutics and elective courses.


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